"An intimate gathering of friends, music lovers and party-goers"

Where It All Began

How a back garden birthday party blossomed into an intimate gathering of 2,000 friends.

On 10th & 11th August, 2,000 friends, party-goers and music lovers will be joining us in the stunning surroundings of Horncastle's Stourton Estates for our biggest festival yet.

It'll be one of the highlights of the summer: An intimate get-together tucked away behind the trees.

We'll be joined by some of the country's most exciting new bands, we'll be serving up a range of delicious food and drink for you to lazily enjoy under the summer sun, and when the sun sets we'll be jamming around the campfire, or partying with our DJs late into the night.

The thing people remember the most, though, is the atmosphere. You'll struggle to find a warm, friendly and fun community like this anywhere else.

The reason for this is fairly simple: Five years ago we started a party in our back garden, and we never really stopped.

2015: Joe's Birthday

Even if you weren't one of the sixty people at the first Beyond The Woods (or JoeFest, as we called it back then), you'll know what it felt like. It was one of those summer evenings you never really forget.

The sun was shining, Dad was on BBQ duty, grilling what seemed like half the Tesco meat section, and there were some frankly outrageous Hawaiian shirts on display.

At the bottom of the garden a makeshift stage had been set up on the decking, and throughout the afternoon people would get up and entertain the crowd with whatever tunes took their fancy.

Then, when the sun set, birthday boy Joe's band The Pylons brought the house down with the first of their four festival appearances (so far), in the final summer before they set off to make their Glastonbury debut.

There wasn't a huge amount of room for people to put up their tents, but we had the best time. So good, in fact, that we all got our heads together and decided to do it again.

2016: Joe's Mate's Farm

In 2016, we stepped up our game.

It was still basically a private party, but the party was starting to look quite a lot more like a festival.

Mum's decking had been replaced by a proper stage in an actual marquee, the BBQ had spawned multiple food stalls, and our first crowd of over a hundred huddled inside to take in an evening of increasingly impressive performances.

More importantly, we were able to set up our first proper bar - with kegs and everything. It was a major milestone in our Beyond The Woods journey.

Obviously, it was a bit rough around the edges, but that didn't matter - it was ours.

When the dust had settled, and we'd packed everything down, we knew that there was only one thing to do next: Go public.

2017-2018: Stourton Estates And Fickle Friends

In year three, everything changed.

For starters, we discovered Stourton Estates.

We spent months looking for a proper venue with no success. Then, incredibly, after a last-ditch trawl on Google Maps we came across Stourtons. You have to come and see it - the place is an absolute dream.

After calling in a few favours from friends we put together a line up, stuck up some posters, and added a sprinkling of stardust when Scott Mills lent his name to the toilet block live on BBC Radio 1.

What do you know - it worked. A little under 500 people joined us from all parts of the UK for one of the weekends of our lives.

Then, in 2018, we called in the heavyweights.

Obviously, the line up was still packed with our mates - we only book people we'd like to go down the pub with - but there were some names on the poster we'd never have dreamed of four years before.

Fresh from scoring a top ten album, Fickle Friends headlined. Joining them were the likes of Boy Azooga, Flyte, Lion and Patawawa - bands who are touring Europe, Asia and North America were coming to the village of Baumber, Lincolnshire (population 300) for our summer party.

For the first time ever the festival ran for two days (and nights), we made our own merch, and for four hours the festival was broadcast live on BBC Radio Lincolnshire, as part of our new partnership with BBC Introducing.

A huge amount had changed from our very first festival. In 2015 we knew everyone there, and four years later we were meeting hundreds of people for the very first time.

Back when we were celebrating our mate Joe's birthday, we had one tiny bar, run by our mate Phil because he had a job in a pub. Now we've even got a secret bar (bet you haven't found it yet).

Everything is bigger - bigger campsites, bigger stages, bigger bands. But one thing is still very much the same: Beyond The Woods is still, at its heart, a group of friends getting together to enjoy the summer.

It's a truly unique atmosphere - vibrant, but relaxed and full of friendly faces. In fact, it's pretty much exactly what we remember from our back garden birthday party five years ago.

We'd love for you to come and experience it for yourself.